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Fencing Articles

Southern States presents a collection of articles on livestock and horse fencing topics.

The Basics of Farm Fencing

Whether a farmer needs to build a new fence, repair a damaged one or replace an old structure, farm fencing can be costly. Planning ahead helps not only the farmer’s budget, but also ensures the fence is constructed properly for the needed purpose. Read more.

Basic Components for Farm Fencing

So, what parts matter when it comes to a quality farm fence? Even though farm fencing varies, some components are similar and determined by the purpose of the fence itself. Read more.

10 Things You Need to Know About Electric Fencing

Whether you are a new hobby farmer looking to raise a few head of cattle or an experienced livestock farmer thinking about replacing your rusty barbed wire fence, electric fencing may work for you. Before you decide, here are ten things you need to know about electric fencing. Read more.

Using Temporary Fencing

Many fencing options are available to horse owners, from electric wire, vinyl and/or wood rail to high tensile. It all depends upon what you would like to accomplish. The right design for your fence depends on the type of horses or livestock, the purpose of the fencing and the size of the area to be fenced. Read more.

Rotational Grazing

Rotational grazing allows you to provide fresh pasture to your livestock at all times. Large pastures are sectioned off into smaller parcels using either permanent or temporary fencing. These new smaller pastures are grazed intensively for a short period of time. Animals are then moved to the next pasture that is ready for grazing and the pasture they were moved from is given time off to allow grass to regrow. Read more.

Choosing the Best Horse Fence

When it comes to choosing the right fence for your horse farm, there are no hard and fast rules. As fencing is one of the most important investments a farm owner will make, take care to evaluate which type of fencing is right for your horses, location, situation and budget. Other things to consider include horse safety, containment, maintenance and aesthetics. Read more.

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