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Farm How-To

Welcome to our Farm How-To page. Through our Co-Op, we've spent nearly a century working with farming and agriculture enthusiasts who appreciate life in the outdoors with all its challenges and rewards. We know that every farm, whether it's a small hobby farm or a large commercial row crops operation, experiences an eternal evolution. There are always new projects to be completed, equipment to be repaired, and efficiencies to be gained.

We offer a collection of articles that give you practical tips and guidance on how to choose the best fencing equipment, low-cost tips for pasture management, and daily resources and links for dairy and poultry farmers. Growers looking for tips on sustainable agriculture, crop rotation, and harvesting need only make one visit to our How-To page to find relevant advice from experienced crop management professionals. As your farm evolves, whether you're homesteading or starting an urban farm, check back with us for up-to-date, seasonal articles sure to meet your growing needs.

Making the Most Out of Yield Data

Precision agriculture has many benefits, but the results are only as good as the data provided. Yield monitors and GPS receivers can reveal much about a field's... Read More

How Cover Crops Benefit Soils

In recent years, agricultural researchers and farmers have increasingly focused on the importance of soil health. As the health of the soil - which includes factors like... Read More

Carbon Nutrient Management

Besides adding nutrients, keeping the land well irrigated and avoiding compaction, farmers can further enhance the overall health of the soil by... Read More

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