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Feeding the Older Horse the Legends Way

By Martin W. Adams, PhD, PAS – Equine Nutritionist for Southern States

A horse eating in a stallWith advances in nutrition and preventive health care, today's horses can expect to have longer and more productive lives than ever before. Many horses are living well into their late twenties and thirties, with a good quality of life. Special feeds have been developed for older horses, which meet their unique nutritional needs and extend their productive lives. A senior horse feed should be highly palatable, dust-free, and easy to chew and digest, based on digestible fiber instead of grain, low in sugar and starch content, provide quality protein and contain added B vitamins, vitamin C and added fat. Legends® CarbCare® Senior Horse Feed meets all of these requirements and following are some features and benefits of Legends CarbCare Senior Horse Feed.

  • Legends CarbCare Senior Horse Feed is a pelted/extruded formula. Feed ingredients in the pelleting process are exposed to temperatures of 160-180 o F and extrusion temperatures are in excess of 250 o F. These two processes "cook" the ingredients and increase the digestibility of starches present in the pelleted and extruded products when they reach the small intestine. This reduces the risk of undigested starch reaching the large intestine and causing a digestive upset or colic.
  • Legends Fortified Pelleted Rice Bran and Legends Omega Plus are components of Legends CarbCare Senior Horse Feed. These two extruded products are very palatable and highly digestible. With fat levels of 18% for Legends Fortified Rice Bran and 25% for Legends Omega Plus, these two products can provide omega-3 fatty acids for anti-inflammatory benefits due to the large amounts of rice bran and flaxseed they contain.
  • Legends Senior Horse Feed contains 14% protein, 7% fat and 18% fiber. It has been developed for the special nutritional needs of the older horse. Based on highly digestible fiber sources (soy hulls, beet pulp and alfalfa meal), and high levels of fat, it is easily and safely digested and contains low levels of sugar and starch. It is recommended for insulin resistant horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Equine Cushing's Disease.
  • The pelleted and extruded particles in Legends CarbCare Senior Horse Feed are designed to break down quickly when moisture from saliva or water is introduced. Many older horses have missing and worn teeth and are unable to properly chew and digest their feed, and it can be difficult to maintain proper body weight and condition in older horses. By not using whole or processed grains, and only using feed ingredients that have been finely ground and formed into palatable forms that break down quickly, Legends CarbCare Senior Horse Feed is highly digestible for dentally challenged older horses.
  • The addition of yeast culture to the equine diet has been shown to increase fiber breakdown in the hindgut, enhance absorption of phosphorus and magnesium, improve hair coat, and reduce colic risk by maintaining a higher and healthier pH in the hindgut. Legends CarbCare Senior Horse Feed contains yeast culture to provide these benefits for the older horse.
  • Inorganic trace minerals that have been chemically bonded to amino acids are called organic trace minerals. They have been found to have higher absorption rates than the same inorganic form and can be more effective in maintaining hoof and coat condition, immune function and muscle function. Organic forms of copper, zinc, manganese and selenium are included in Legends Senor Horse Feed to provide these benefits.
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