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Legends GastroTech Supplement Testimonial

A horse Legends Gastrotech

Legends GastroTech Supplement is an innovative nutritional supplement recommended for all classes of horses and is research-proven by Cooperative Research Farms (CRF) to maintain gastric health in show and performance horses. This proprietary blend of ingredients is an excellent recommendation for horses under stress from training, competing and traveling.

Dear Southern States,

I am a trainer and also run a horse sales business, specializing in show jumpers. I acquired a horse with a history of chronic ulcer issues. I had her treated for gastric ulcers with medication from my veterinarian but the symptoms kept recurring. She was very difficult to ride and very uncomfortable to go forward under saddle. I contacted Dr. Marty Adams who gave me a feeding program for this mare, which included Legends® CarbCare® Balancer Pellet, Legends CarbCare Performance Horse Feed and Legends GastroTech® Supplement as an ulcer preventive.

Within one month, her topline and body condition improved, she was pleasant, forward, and willing to do her job! After 5 months of getting nowhere, she was sold! Legends GastroTech Supplement kept her free from ulcer symptoms, with a vet scoping to prove it before I sold her!

Her new owner just contacted me 10 months after she had purchased her and swore she would never take her off of Legends GastroTech Supplement. She was involved in a clinical gastric ulcer study in North Carolina with 11 other horse owners. Her horse was the only one in the group with no gastric ulcers!

I have all of my horses on the farm on Legends products only, including Legends GastroTech Supplement. It’s undeniable that this product works, and works well! I am a forever client!

Ashley Clayton
Serendipity Farm, Hudson FL

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