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Southern States Application Quality

Southern States' application services offer accuracy and convenience.

At various points in the season, crops can be under a great deal of pressure from insects, disease and weeds. If you've determined that your fields need a crop protection or crop nutrient application, it's critical to make sure that the amount of each product is being applied accurately. If the products are not applied properly or in the correct amounts, the results could be added, unneeded expense in unnecessary product, in crop damage or reduced yield.

For growers who choose to use contract applicators, such as Southern States Co-Op application services, to help manage these crucial tasks, the Southern States GrowMaster certification ensures the product application services are reliable and accurate.

Contract vs. self-applied

There are benefits to both application methods, self or contract application, through your Southern States location. The method depends on individual situations and management objectives.

Applying products yourself may save money if you already own the equipment needed for the respective application. In addition, farmers can closely monitor weather and pest conditions and apply at the optimum time for the best control. Always remember to read and follow all label directions for application and use of any products applied.

Contracting with your reliable Southern States supplier saves time, freeing a farmer to concentrate on other management tasks. Your Southern States customer application service will ensure that their equipment is maintained and calibrated properly for precise applications. Southern States custom application also eliminates the farmers' need to maintain inventory and can be a more economical choice, especially when farmers don't own the equipment needed for an application.

Top standards

Southern States' GrowMaster-trained professionals provide custom application services for growers. These services are certified under strict standards to ensure quality and reliability so farmers are guaranteed the most accurate product application for their crops.

According to Southern States Fleet and Equipment Manager Floyd Bush, "GrowMaster is an internal certification process to ensure equipment and personnel are prepared to provide chemical and fertilizer application services to customers."

To achieve this goal, Southern States hosts regional truck rodeos throughout our territory each year where applicator personnel are trained for product and application knowledge and the equipment is tested to ensure it meets strict Southern States standards.

"At the rodeos, field testing is performed on equipment annually to make sure they are accurately reading outputs," says Jim Melton, Assistant Manager of Safety and Loss Control at Southern States. Each piece of equipment must pass a 52-point mechanical performance check as well. Equipment is also inspected to ensure the units are up to DOT (Department of Transportation) standards.

The GrowMaster training teaches different types of applications so that applicators are well-qualified to handle a variety of pest and nutrient scenarios. The rodeos offer additional classes on other agricultural subjects as well.

Setting up service

If you would like to take advantage of these Southern States GrowMaster-trained experts, contact your local Southern States location. Growers can meet with our professional team to schedule a visit on their farm, says Melton. "To get the full picture of the farm and what the grower's goals are, we ask a lot of questions up front so the service provided is tailored to their specific needs."

Throughout the process, the Southern States GrowMaster crop nutrient and crop protection custom application certification process ensures that the application services Southern States provides are at their very best for our customers. For more information, please visit your local Southern States dealer.

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