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Lawn How To Articles

Lawn How-To

Welcome to our Lawn How-To page. Lawn Care Experts know that getting a lush, green lawn isn't as easy as it looks. At Southern States, we understand the preparation and effort required to keep newly seeded lawns healthy and ever-eager weeds at bay. On this page, you'll find a collection of articles to answer all your lawn questions, ranging from the best grass seed for your lawn to choosing the right lawn fertilizer.

Once you've got a lawn that is the envy of all your neighbors, we show you how to keep it that way. Our articles offer tips and advice from experienced grass seed and lawn-care technicians who know the pest problems you face, how to best combat drought, and which equipment you need to plant and maintain a healthy green lawn. As your yard matures we know your lawn care needs will change, so check back for new, seasonal articles and up-to-date information that will assist you on your next project.

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