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Do You Have A Wheat Management Plan?

The ultimate goal is to mitigate plant stress and retain yield! A healthy plant has a better chance of meeting its full potential at harvest if it does not “want” for anything during each growth stage. Know the growth stages, what the plant needs at each stage and properly time applications of fertilizers, pesticides and other inputs to allow maximum use by the plant.

A grower invests a significant amount on seed…and has already “achieved” the maximum yield by selecting the right seed (Potential in the seed). The harvest bushels are essentially in their hands when the seed is planted based on that potential. EVERYTHING that happens at and following planting is a best effort to hang on to the bushels through the growing season! Don’t let the plants stress over anything! Stress of any kind impacts yield in a negative way.


Analyze Field Characteristics.

  • Refer to field history for past problems with pathogens, insects, or weeds to determine the seed characteristics or traits that can provide the highest yield potential.
  • Utilize Precision Ag data to help address any issues.

Seed Selection

  • Select the best SSC Wheat variety for your farm, considering varietal disease resistance & yield potential in each growing environment. (To avoid risk, we recommend planting multiple varieties and maturity dates.)

Seed Treatment Selection.

Determine the best seed treatments based on each field and provide a healthy start to the wheat crop. These are the wheat seed treatment options available for 2015.
  • Fungicide - EverGol Energy from Bayer
  • Insecticide – Gaucho 600 from Bayer (Single or double rate based on threat level.)
  • Inoculant - SabreX (Microbial from ABM)
  • Nutrient Seed Treatment –Wuxal Terios from Precision Labs

Soil Test based on Expected Yield Goals:

  • To achieve high yield wheat, a soil test is essential to identify current nutrient levels!
  • Essential nutrient levels should be in the high range.
  • pH should be in the range of about 6.2-6.3 for each soil type. (Ideal soil pH levels may vary based on soil type and organic matter.)
  • Micronutrients must be considered. Include in the sample request to address any issues before planting.
  • We recommend AVAIL and Nutri-Sphere N to help manage the P & N. (Note: NuTrax P+ is an option in areas where fall application of P is not an option. It functions as a starter to provide early and more uniform emergence.)

Weed Control

Start the crop with a clean field and eliminate weed competition.
  • No till will require application at burn down (Preplant).
  • Tillage acres will require post emerge application.

Determine Population Goals and Calibrate Your Drill.

  • Plant seed at 1 - 1.5” depth.
  • Plant at about 35-40 seeds sq./ft. 1.5-1.75 million seed/acre.
  • Increase 5% per week after optimum time.
  • Increase 10% if no till practices are being used.

Enhance Soil Health and Soil Preparation

  • Apply Monty's Liquid Carbon (1qts/acre) to encourage microbial activity. Carbon can be tank mixed with fertilizer or Burn down chemistries for easy application. Use Dry Carbon with P & K fertilizer applications.) BioStart may be added to any preplant applications.
  • Soil Inoculant – BioStart (Microbial from BioCat) - Apply at 1 quart acre.


1. Plant on Time

2. Fertilizer Application

Fall tiller development is KEY for high yields. Apply nutrients based on soil sample results and expected yield goals. NPK and micros can be applied. Add Monty’s Carbon to help reduce liquid N burn. Use NutriSphere N and AVAIL fertilizer managers.

As your wheat crop develops through early emergence, spring greenup, jointing and head emergence, pay particular attention to the health of your plants. Bushels are being determined during these critical growth stages. Using sound agronomic practices and the new tools at our disposal, we can help you maximize your yield and profit potential.

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