{ "provider_name" : "Southern States Cooperative", "url" : "https://www.southernstates.com/catalog/showcategory.aspx?CategoryID=1082", "title" : "Ramik Multi Catch Mouse Trap", "description" : "Ramik Multicatch Mouse Trap is a non-toxic, child and pet safe formula used to get rid of your rodent problems. This trap requires no assembly and can be used with a glue board. Each trap will hold over a dozen mice at one time. Comes with a clear window for easy viewing.", "provider_url" : "http://www.southernstates.com", "price" : "13.99", "availability" : "out of stock", "images" :["http://www.southernstates.com/catalog/images/Product/medium/11500346.jpg"], "currency_code" : "USD" }