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Southern States is your source for equine essentials. Explore our variety of horse feed, health supplements, stall supplies, and grooming products — everything you need to keep your horse feeling and looking their best.

Fly Control for Horses

All horse owners share the challenge of protecting their horses from pasture and stable flies. Combat pests with supplies from Southern States.

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Horse Feed

Southern States has a variety of high quality horse feeds for horses of any age, for an easy, healthy way to ensure that all your horses eat right.

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Stall Supplies

Design a stable environment for your horse with a range of horse stall supplies offered at Southern States.

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  • Triple Crown Senior Formula Textured Horse Feed 50 lb

    SKU 55308051
    Developed specifically for older horses, Triple Crown Senior Formula Textured Horse Feed features a higher nutrient content to compensate for a less than effective digestive system. A higher fat content provides the extra energy older horses need. Plus, it is softer, more easily digested and can be mixed with water to form a mash for horses that experience difficulty chewing and swallowing.
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  • Legends Omega Plus 40 lb

    SKU 55383066
    Legends Omega Plus is an extruded fat supplement for maximum growth and development intended for performance, show, breeding horses and hard keepers. This supplement features a flaxseed based formula, contains 25% fat, providing a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids, and is high in Vitamin E with balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus to complement any feeding program. Legends is a premium horse feed line, formulated with advanced technology and the most comprehensive current research for your horse's nutritional needs. Our Legends Supplements are additives which have been developed to supplement the nutritional demands of different dietary needs.
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  • Southern States Solution (P) 50 lb

    SKU 55429011
    Southern States Solution is for horses that can benefit from a highly digestible fiber feed. This higher protein formula with added lysine provides well balanced nutrition for horses of all life stages and activity levels.
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  • Statesman Pine Shavings 3 cu ft

    SKU 10000741
    Statesman Pine Shavings are kiln dried for higher absorbency, keeping animals clean and dry. The soft texture and insulation protect against cold floors, creating a comfortable environment and great bedding for all livestock and companion animals. Screened to reduce airborne dust. Made in the USA.
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  • Safe-Guard Equine Dewormer Paste 25 gm

    SKU 11422411
    Intervet Safe-Guard Equine Dewormer Paste is safe and convenient for use in all horses, foals, and ponies. This single dose syringe controls large and small strongyles, roundworms and pinworms. This dewormer features an apple-cinnamon flavor that your Horse & Livestock will love and is less likely to waste. Ideal for treating horses up to 1,100 lbs.
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  • Vetrap Bandaging Tape 4 in x 5 yd Blue

    SKU 11400952
    Vetrap Bandaging Tape is a strong, self-adhering elastic wrap, perfect for bandaging injured horses, livestock, or pets. The tape will not adhere to skin, hair or other bandage material. Easy to apply, reposition and remove.
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  • Southern States Total Pest Control 32 oz

    SKU 11402798
    Use Southern States Total Pest Control both indoors and outdoors for economical and long-lasting insect control. This highly effective, concentrated formula contains 13.3% permethrin for control of roaches, ticks, grain beetles, cluster flies, bees, fleas and many other livestock pests. Safe enough to use on animals and in cattle barns, milk rooms, kennels and horse stalls. Lasts up to 4 weeks.
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  • Animed Glucosamine 5000 Powder 1 lb

    SKU 11417019
    Animed Glucosamine 5000 Powder contains glucosamine, a natural substance that may stimulate the production of proteoglycans, which help to maintain the health and resiliency of joints and connective tissue. Contains no fillers, only active ingredients.
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