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  • Statesman Pine Shavings 3 cu ft

    SKU 10000741
    Statesman Pine Shavings are kiln dried for higher absorbency, keeping animals clean and dry. The soft texture and insulation protect against cold floors, creating a comfortable environment and great bedding for all livestock and companion animals. Screened to reduce airborne dust. Made in the USA.
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  • Southern States Premium Pellet Bedding 40 lb

    SKU 10001915
    Southern States Premium Pellet Bedding keeps stalls free of dust, ammonia and allergens while releasing a pleasant natural aroma. The fresh unsoiled pellets drop through forks, reducing cleanup time, and are 100% biodegradable for easier disposal.
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  • Motto High Tensile Field Fence 12.5 ga 330 ft

    SKU 08111614
    Great for both cattle and general application fencing, the Motto High Tensile Field Fence is built strong. Motto combines hinge joint knots with high tensile steel, which makes installation easy and requires fewer posts. Best of all, the 12.5 gauge, Class 3 galvanization provides a greater life expectancy than any other field fence!
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  • Tarter 6-Bar Economy Corral Panel Red 12 ft

    SKU 10014300
    The Tarter 6-Bar Economy Corral Panel is lightweight yet strong. This panel is ideal for light confinement and is portable for travel to overnight shows or trail rides. The 60-inch high panel features 1 3/4 inch rounded high tensile steel tubing with continuous welded saddle joints, and the quick pin-latch system makes for easy hook-up.
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  • Stall Dry Absorbent and Deodorizer 40 lb

    SKU 06656510
    Stall Dry Absorbent and Deodorizer is a safe and effective product for odor control and liquid waste management of horse stalls and other livestock habitats. Stall Dry contains granular pieces of food grade diatomaceous earth and clay with the ability to neutralize ammonia, and absorb odors and moisture.
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  • Rubbermaid Stock Tank 100 gal

    SKU 10012007
    The Rubbermaid Stock Tank features a heavy duty, structural foam construction with reinforced ribbing at the base for added strength. The seamless design prevents leaking and cracking and provides superior performance in all kinds of weather. With an oversized drain plug, this 100 gallon stock tank is easy to clean and drain.
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  • Ice Chaser Floating Plastic Tank De-Icer

    SKU 10025220
    The most durable floating de-icer available, the Ice Chaser Floating Plastic Tank De-Icer features 1250 watts of power and is guaranteed to get the job done. The de-icer is thermostatically controlled to operate only as necessary, and the patented cast aluminum construction offers ultimate efficiency and safety. This unique design is safe for use in plastic tanks and comes with a heavy duty anti-chew cord protector, which deters animals from chewing.
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  • Intervet Safe-Guard Medicated Dewormer Block for Cattle 25 lb

    SKU 11422414
    For effective broad spectrum deworming, use Intervet Safe-Guard Medicated Dewormer Block for Cattle. This highly palatable, soft poured molasses block contains fenbendazole, which will control and remove lungworms, stomach worms, barberpole worms, brown stomach worms, small stomach worms, intestinal worms, hookworms, thread-necked intestinal worms, small intestinal worms, bankrupt worms and nodular worms.
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