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Other Small Animals

Find everything you need for small animal care at Southern States, including bedding, food and treats, health supplements, and more. Explore new products and offers to keep your small animals happy and healthy.

Feeders & Waterers

Feeders and waterers for small animals such as gerbils, hamsters, mice, and more available at Southern States

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Cages & Hutches

Cages and hutches of various brands for housing your small animals, available at Southern States.

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Southern States has the small pet health care products and supplies you need.

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  • Pet Lodge Wire Rabbit Hutch

    SKU 06630254
    The Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutch is strong, durable, and rust resistant for indoor or outdoor use. Excellent for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, gerbils, and other small animals. Made of chew-proof, easy-to-clean galvanized steel wire mesh.
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  • Statesman Pine Shavings 3 cu ft

    SKU 10000741
    Statesman Pine Shavings are kiln dried for higher absorbency, keeping animals clean and dry. The soft texture and insulation protect against cold floors, creating a comfortable environment and great bedding for all livestock and companion animals. Screened to reduce airborne dust. Made in the USA.
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  • Southern States Premium Rabbit Food 50 lb

    SKU 55161011
    Southern States Premium Rabbit Food is all natural with added vitamins and minerals to maximize your rabbit's genetic potential throughout all stages of life. Our nutrient dense pellets contain high levels of alfalfa meal and other fresh ingredients to supplement the growth of any breed of rabbit. Also available in 25 lbs. size, SKU: 55161012.
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  • Pet Lodge Opaque Water Bottle 32 oz

    SKU 06621145
    Keep your pet hydrated with the Pet Lodge Opaque Water Bottle. This water bottle is constructed from strong, opaque plastic and features a stainless-steel ballpoint tube and a no-leak seal to keep your pet's water clean and housing dry. The bottle includes a metal hanger for attaching to wire hutch, fence, or aquarium. Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small animals and reptiles.
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  • Pet Lodge Mineral and Salt Spool with Hanger

    SKU 06621142
    Treat your rabbit or small animal to this tasty and healthy treat. The Pet Lodge Salt Spool provides trace minerals essential for good health.
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  • Kaytee Timothy Hay Mini Bale 24 oz

    SKU 06637552
    Kaytee's Timothy Hay Mini Bale is made of natural sun-cured timothy hay and is the perfect, healthy treat for your rabbit, guinea pig or other small pet. Contains no preservatives or additives.
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  • Ware Large Rabbit Hutch

    SKU 06630337
    The Ware Large Rabbit Hutch makes a perfect home for your rabbit. Constructed of premium quality wood, this heavy-duty hutch features a hinged waterproof roof for easy access, a fold-down door, and a galvanized slide-out pan for easy cleaning.
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