Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide 25 lb - Southern States Cooperative
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SKU: 11110787
Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide 25 lb
Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide 25 lb
Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide 25 lb

Proven to destroy dangerous fire ant colonies in 15 minutes, Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide provides up to four months of reliable control of most ants, including fire ants, as well as chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, earwigs, crane flies and many other lawn pests. Talstar XTRA uses Verge granule technology, which disintegrates at an extremely fast rate, fully dissolving into thousands of micro-particles in less than a minute after being watered. This delivers the active ingredient where it’s needed, so you can quickly eliminate pests.

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