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Product Image: Triumph Professional Pelleted Horse Feed 50 lb

Triumph Professional Pelleted Horse Feed 50 lb

Triumph Professional Pelleted Horse Feed is a nutritionally balanced pelleted feed for a wide variety of life stages. This controlled starch formula contains prebiotics for healthy digestion, Lysine and Methionine to support muscle development and recovery, and organic trace minerals and biotin to support quality hooves and hair coats.
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Triumph Professional Pelleted Horse Feed 50 lb
Cargill Animal Nutrition
50 lb
50.000 lb
Features & Benefits


Triumph® 14% Pelleted Horse Feed is a highly-palatable, controlled-starch feed designed to go with lower protein level forages. It meets the uniquely demanding nutritional needs of performance horses. Plus it makes feeding easy by eliminating the sorting of ingredients. Choose this solid nutrition at a great value.

Feeding Instructions

The following feeding directions are guidelines to maintain desired body condition and performance. Feeding rates need to be adjusted according to the horse’s body condition and activity level. Divide the recommended daily feeding rate into 2 or more meals per day and feed with good quality hay or pasture equivalent at the rate of 1.0-1.75 LB per 100 LB bodyweight or kg per 100 kg bodyweight to provide a minimum of 50% of the diet from forage. Performance horses may benefit from being fed more frequently. Do not overfeed growing horses to excess body condition. Start at lower feeding levels outlined below and adjust to maintain desired body condition.

Class of Horse / LB feed per 100 LB bodyweight

Maintenance 0.20 - 0.45

Performance Horses: Light Exercise 0.40 - 0.65 Moderate Exercise 0.65 - 0.90 Intense Exercise 0.90 - 1.50

Pregnant Mares: First Two Trimesters 0.20 - 0.45 Last Trimester 0.40 - 0.65

Lactating Mares: Early Lactation 0.90 - 1.50 Late Lactation 0.65 - 0.90

Stallions 0.50 - 0.75

Growing Horses: Foals Creep Feed Weanlings 1.30 - 1.80 Yearlings 0.65 - 1.50

Clean water should be available at all times. Horses that have been exercised should be cooled out and re-hydrated properly before being fed and before having access to unlimited water.

CAUTION: Store feed in a clean, cool, and dry location. Storage area should be free of insects and rodents. Do not allow animals access to feedstuffs that show signs of insect or rodent infestation. Do not allow animals access to hot or moldy feedstuffs at any time. CAUTION: Follow Label directions. Feeding added selenium at levels in excess of 0.30 ppm in the total diet is prohibited

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (min)
Lysine (min)
Methionine (min)
Crude Fat (min)
Crude Fiber (max)
Acid Detergent Fiber (max)
Neutral Detergent Fiber (max)
Dietary Starch (max)
Sugars (max)
Calcium (min)
Calcium (max)
Phosphorus (min)
Copper (min)
80 PPM
Selenium (min)
0.60 PPM
Zinc (min)
280 PPM
Vitamin A (min)
3,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D (min)
300 IU/lb
Vitamin E (min)
125 IU/lb
Biotin (min)
0.45 mg/lb

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