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Product Image: HerdFirst 20:20 Milk Replacer 50 lb

HerdFirst 20:20 Milk Replacer 50 lb

HerdFirst 20:20 Milk Replacer is an all-milk protein product with 20% protein and 20% edible grade fat for digestibility and development. The product is amino acid balanced with added B vitamins, additives to support enteric health.
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HerdFirst 20:20 Milk Replacer 50 lb
Cargill Animal Nutrition
50 lb
50.000 lb
Features & Benefits


HerdFirst® 20:20 Milk Replacer is designed for traditional calf raising programs. Built from our latest proprietary research, this milk replacer contains several key features and benefits.


For control of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii in replacement calves. All milk protein – contains 20% protein and 20% edible grade fat for optimal digestibility and development Agglomerated MOS & Beta Glucan

Feeding Instructions

Feed 2 to 4 quarts of clean, disease free colostrum within 4 hours of birth. Feed 2 to 3 quarts of colostrum twice daily for the first day of life. After colostrum feeding period, mix and feed the amounts of milk replacer found in the chart below per calf twice a day*: Hand feed at a rate of 1 mg of lasalocid per 2.2 lb of body weight per day. Thoroughly mix this milk replacer powder with warm water and feed immediately. When preparing large batches (i.e., anything other than individual calf servings) keep the mixture agitated while dispensing into individual feeding containers to prevent settling. One pound of this milk replacer powder will medicate 80 lbs of body weight. For best mixing of milk replacer, add powder to water at 110° F (hot to the touch) and stir with a wire whip. Best feeding temperature is 100-105°F. CALF MILK REPLACER WEIGHT POWDER/FEEDING** WATER(110°F) 80 lb / 8 oz (.5 lb) / 1.6 qts 100 lb / 10 oz (.625 lb) / 2 qts. 125 lb / 12.5 oz (.8 lb) / 2.5 qts. 150 lb / 15 oz (.9375 lb) / 3 qts. Feed the resulting mixture which will be slightly more than the amount of water used. See feed tag for complete directions.

Guaranteed Analysis
72.00 g/ton
Crude Protein (min)
Crude Fat (min)
Crude Fiber (max)
Calcium (min)
Calcium (max)
Phosphorus (min)
Vitamin A (min)
30,000 IU/LB
Vitamin D3 (min)
10,000 IU/LB
Vitamin E (min)
150 IU/LB

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