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Product Image: Ego Power+ Multi Combo Kit: 15 String Trimmer

Ego Power+ Multi Combo Kit: 15 String Trimmer

The Ego Power+ Multi Combo Kit: 15 String Trimmer features a 15" string trimmer attachment that is equipped with the EGO Rapid Reload head, to rewind your line faster and easier, to help get the job done. The 15" cutting swath, bump-head line advancement and professional-grade 0. 095" cutting line deliver professional grade results. The EGO 8" Edger attachment has quick and easy depth adjustment to make edging around your sidewalks and driveway easy. Compatible with all EGO ARC Lithium batteries to maximize the convenience of cordless and deliver Power Beyond Belief.
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Ego Power+ Multi Combo Kit: 15 String Trimmer
Chervon North America Inc
Chervon North America Inc
29.540 lb

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