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Product Image: Peak Gear Lubricant Oil Sae 80w-90 Gl-5 1 gal

Peak Gear Lubricant Oil Sae 80w-90 Gl-5 1 gal

Peak Gear Lubricant Oil is a multi-purpose gear oil that provides exceptional protection in severe operating conditions Peak exceeds gear and transmission manufacturers' requirements for API GL-5 or API MT-1 level lubricants. Recommended for use in many applications, including manual transmissions, limited slip differentials, final drives and other gear cases in passenger cars and light-duty trucks, axles of heavy-duty trucks, off-road equipment, tractors and outboard motors.
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Peak Gear Lubricant Oil Sae 80w-90 Gl-5 1 gal
Old World Industries
1 gal
8.000 lb

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