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Product Image: Dura Green Turf Mixture with AquaBond 10 lb

Dura Green Turf Mixture with AquaBond 10 lb

Dura Green Turf Mixture with AquaBond combines the heat and drought tolerance of tall fescue with the recuperative potential of Kentucky bluegrass. The result is a lawn that will not only stand up to heat and drought stress, but also recover more efficiently than tall fescue alone. ALL VANTAGE coating combined with AquaBond and Nutri-Start offer improved water management, aid in germination, emergence, and promote early root growth. Dura Green Turf Mixture is ideal for use on home lawns, parks, or commercial properties.
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Dura Green Turf Mixture with AquaBond 10 lb
Allied Seed LLC
Dura Green
Bluegrass, Fescue
10 lb
10.000 lb

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