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Product Image: Southern States Southern Belle Red Clover 50 lb

Southern States Southern Belle Red Clover 50 lb

Southern States Southern Belle Red Clover is a unique, early, non-dormant variety developed for the southern US. This clover has the highest root-knot nematode resistance of any commercial red clover variety available and was selected for its superior seasonal performance. Southern States Southern Belle Red Clover outperforms northern developed varieties in the lower south and can be grazed in late winter and early spring or used for hay. Seeding rate may be reduced by one third if planted with a cool season annual such as ryegrass or crimson clover. Southern States Southern Belle Red Clover is also excellent for overseeding bermudagrass. This clover produces high forage yields and is ideal for pastures. High nitrogen fixation reduces fertilizer requirements. Excellent seeding vigor with resistance to common disease problems. Not recommended for horse pastures.
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Southern States Southern Belle Red Clover 50 lb
Allied Seed LLC
Southern States
50 lb
50.000 lb

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