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Wild Birds

Your feathered friends need lots of care. Shop Southern States to find the very best in bird products, from food and treats, to bedding a feeders, and everything in between to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Bird Baths

Shop for Bird Baths at Southern States. We have lots of different baths to choose from, including pedestals and heated baths.

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Bird Food

Attract a wide range of birds including doves, sparrows, finches, towhees, chickadees, and cardinals with bird food from Southern States.

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Bird Feeders

Shop a variety of bird feeders at Southern States, including hummingbird feeders, squirrel-proof feeders, pole feeders and more!

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  • No/No Original Brass Wild Bird Feeder

    SKU 06602004
    Perfect for bird lovers, the No/No Original Brass Bird Feeder is a collapsible wire basket feeder (no wood and no plastic) that feeds 10 to 15 birds at one time. Due to its unique wire design, this feeder will attract both clinging and perching birds and can easily hold up to 2.5 lbs of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. No cleaning needed!
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  • Southern States Nyjer Seed 20 lb

    SKU 10211080
    Attract wild birds with Southern States Nyjer Seed. These seeds are high in protein and a great source of energy. The tiny black oilseeds are ideal for finches and other small-beaked birds. Other birds attracted to Nyjer seeds include buntings, goldfinches, house finches, redpolls, and pine siskins.
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  • Heath High Energy Bird 's Blend Suet 11 oz

    SKU 10201879
    Heath High Energy Bird's Blend Suet is ideal for suet and seed eating birds year around. It contains seeds chosen to attract various colorful songbirds, such as Chickadees, Purple Finches, Titmice, Nuthatches and many others.
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  • Shafer White Millet Bird Seed 25 lb

    SKU 10201047
    Shafer White Millet is the perfect alternative for ground feeding birds who have a difficult time feeding on larger seeds. The paper bag also comes with a handle for easy mobility.
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  • C&S EZ Fill Suet Basket

    SKU 06696541
    Create a happy haven for wild birds with EZ Fill Suet Basket. Just snap open, fill with suet cake and hang. This durable feeder features vinyl-coated wire designed to be easy on wild bird feet. Hanger included.
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  • Nature 's Way Cedar Bluebird House

    SKU 10216363
    The Nature's Way Cedar Bluebird Box House will attract bluebirds and tree swallows to your yard. Made with insect and rot-resistant premium cedar, the house features air vents for maximum ventilation, and clean-out doors to provide easy access for cleaning and bird viewing.
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  • Songbird Essentials Songbird Trio Birdbath With Stand 18 in

    SKU 10110188
    Attract more birds with the Songbird Essentials Songbird Trio Birdbath with Stand. This 18-inch glass birdbath is songbird friendly with a textured bottom and correct depth. The glass design is weather friendly and attractive enough to display indoors, with its gorgeous, vibrant colors and a songbird trio motif.
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  • Heath Purple Martin Single Room Gourd

    SKU 10216413
    The Heath Purple Martin Single Room Gourd offers purple martins a home in your yard. The gourd features a spacious interior and a small hole in the bottom for drainage. This traditional, gourd style birdhouse is crafted from sturdy plastic materials to withstand the sun and rain, and the light color of the gourd keeps the house cool in the summer.
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