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Our Mission

The Southern States Way — We help people grow things

  • We believe in creating lifetime relationships
  • We share a love of land
  • Our success is measured by our customers' success

Our Mission

Our mission is to be customer-focused and the best at providing products, services and growing solutions for farms and around the home...Farmer owned since 1923.

Our Values

Embrace our agricultural heritage. We recognize the deep roots we share with the farming communities in which we operate. As such, we will continue to embrace the people, the rural way of life, and the leadership opportunity we've been given for the stewardship and preservation of farming, the environment and our rural communities.

Do our best, no matter what. Determination. Initiative. Reliability. The cornerstones of a good day's work. We recognize the trust our customers place in us and we realize there will always be challenges. With this in mind, we never let obstacles get in our way and we hold ourselves accountable as we strive to do our best every single day.

Always be neighborly. We are committed to honor and practice the values we share with our farming communities: integrity, high ethical and moral standards, and respect for the land, patrons and for our associates.

Our Vision

To be the leading retailer and resource for farmers and rural America.

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