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Southern States Cooperative Patronage

Thank you for your interest in Southern States stock and membership. Southern States Cooperative and its affiliated local Member Cooperatives are agricultural cooperatives.

Once a member of Southern States you are entitled to several benefits:

  • Members are entitled to one vote in the Cooperative and are eligible to hold a seat on the Board of Directors.
  • Financial benefits include receiving dividends on the stock and a refund of the cooperative's earnings if its financial condition permits distribution of such earnings and the Board of Directors declares them to be paid.
  • Your patronage refund is based upon your volume of purchases from the cooperative during the year.

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Answers to out most frequently asked questions about becoming a member of our cooperative.

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Patronage refunds are the portion of profits earned by the Cooperative that the Board of Directors declares to be given to the members in appreciation of their business and in accordance with the Cooperative's By-laws.

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When can my equity be redeemed?

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