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SuperGold 50 Cetane Premium Diesel Fuel

SuperGold® premium diesel fuel contains a superior detergent package proven to provide end users with a more powerful, cleaner burning and economical fuel in comparison to generic diesel.

Work Longer and Stronger

SuperGold helps cut equipment downtime and lowers maintenance costs, by providing quicker starts, reduced engine wear and preventing injector deposits. Available in both an ultra-low sulfur (ULS) formula for on-road use and a dyed ultra-low sulfur (DULS) for on-farm and off-road use.

  • Boosts fuel cetane number for quicker starts and less smoke (Up to 5 cetane number improvement)
  • Superior Detergency designed to remove and prevent injector deposits
  • Improved lubricity to reduce fuel injection system wear
  • Protects fuel storage assets and vehicle fuel system components from harmful corrosion
  • Powerful Fuel Stabilizer/Dispersant to improve long term fuel storage stability and limit thermal degradation in today’s high pressure/temperature fuel injection systems

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50 Cetane SuperGold: Testimonials

Howard L. – Frederick, MD

We have been customers of Southern States Petroleum since 1987. From 1987 into 2018 we have grown from three trucks to a small fleet of trucks, tractor trailers and other size vehicles. The service we have received from your personnel in Frederick, Maryland is impeccable. The other important factor to our organization is the fuel that we receive from Southern States. It is clean burning which helps us to increase our fuel mileage, especially for our over the road coast to coast tractor trailers. Any problems we may have with engine repairs has never been about the fuel we get from Southern States. In fact we have never had our fuel lines freeze in the winter time because of how you maintain your fuel tanks with additives.

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W.A. Martin Trucking LLC – Fredericksburg, VA

I am an owner/operator for W. A. Martin Trucking LLC. We have been buying 50 cetane diesel fuel from the Southern States at the Fredericksburg, Virginia plant for 21 years. During the winter, we never have to worry about the fuel freezing up. We always get good mileage out of the fuel. The employees are great people and are always there to find an answer to any question you might have.

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Robert C. – Fredericksburg, VA

We have exclusively used Southern States Supergold for more than 30 years on our farm. We have never had a fuel system failure due to any type of fuel or contamination problem. We have also never had a winter gelling problem. Between the quality of the product and our local coop attention to detail in handling, as well as regular maintenance program, fuel system problems have been nonexistent for our operation for more than 30 years. The consistent tank fill up program they offer, keeps our equipment in the field with the least amount of worry possible about our diesel fuel needs.

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