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SuperGold Premium Diesel Fuel

SuperGoldĀ® premium diesel fuel has special additives proven to be more powerful, cleaner burning and economical in comparison to generic diesel fuel. By providing quicker starts, less engine wear and reduced injector deposits, Southern States' SuperGold helps cut equipment downtime and lowers maintenance costs.

50 Cetane Diesel

Available in both an ultra-low sulfur (ULS) formula for on-road use and a dyed ultra-low sulfur (DULS) for on-farm and off-road use, SuperGold keeps your diesel equipment working longer and stronger with:

  • Cetane improver for quicker starts and less smoke (3-5 cetane number improvement)
  • Detergency rating of Cummins L-10 Superior to reduce injector deposits
  • Better lubricity to reduce engine wear and maintenance
  • Corrosion inhibitor to protect fuel system
  • Demulsifier to keep moisture and water from mixing with fuel
  • Stabilizer/Dispersant to improve storage stability

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