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Propane Delivery Service from Southern States
Count on Southern States as your valued energy partner for all your building projects.

Propane delivers better comfort, efficiency and performance than many other energy sources – including electricity – making it a great fit for homes, commercial entities and construction sites. Count on Southern States as your valued energy partner for all your building projects – no matter if it’s for a temporary source of heat on construction sites, or full support for a residential community.

Here’s a look at how propane and Southern States create a win-win for you and your construction sites:

It’s the more economical energy choice.

Choosing propane for your energy and Southern States as your partner and supplier ensures your project ends in success. When you’re looking for an energy source that is safe, clean, environmentally friendly and saves money over other energy sources, then the clear choice is propane. Propane can fuel day-to-day equipment for jobsites, including those not connected to the power grid. Applications include:

  • Portable generators
  • Portable heaters
  • Solar hybrid light towers
  • Work trucks (powered by propane autogas)

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Temporary Heating

Propane-fueled temporary heat for construction keeps projects on schedule throughout the coldest months of the year. Southern States offers the expertise you need for all of your temporary indoor and outdoor heating needs. Whether you’re curing concrete, tarring a roof, or keeping new home builders warm, Southern States Energy is the right choice for any propane temporary heat project.

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