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Propane For Your Farm

Propane Delivery Service from Southern States
At Southern States, we know how important it is to have excellent service, vendor reliability, and premium product quality.

We know your farm’s needs change for many reasons. We strive to provide the highest level of service and customer satisfaction no matter what. Our 24 hour emergency service and certified technicians provide you with the peace of mind that your farm always has the fuel you need, when you need it. Propane has many uses on the farm, such as:

Crop Drying & Tobacco Curing

Your bottom line depends on the quality of your crop. If you're drying grains or curing tobacco, we can promptly provide all the fuel to power your drying system. We also offer risk management programs to help you know your cost going into drying or curing season.

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Other Uses

Used by organic farmers and others, back pack or tractor mounted flame weeding torch systems are a natural choice for effective weed control. Weeds are not set on fire, but are killed when the brief but intense heat damages the cell structure of weed foliage.


Propane generators are used on farms for a variety of applications, from providing back-up power to running machinery. They offer significant advantages over diesel- or oil-fueled generators for power generation on a farm because they burn cleanly and are more energy efficient. You can supply power whenever and wherever you need it, including barns and fields well beyond the reach of power lines.

Greenhouses and Nurseries

A propane fueled heater is an efficient means of heating your greenhouses, giving you the ability to use them year round. Let us help you calculate the number of BTUs you will need for the size of greenhouse you have.

Irrigation Pumps

You rely on your irrigation system. Propane is a very popular choice for powering irrigation pumps because of its lower emissions, longer fuel storage life and prolonged engine life in comparison to gasoline or diesel systems; all while producing an equal amount of energy. Propane is non-toxic to livestock, groundwater and soil. It also has the ability to adjust engine speed without the variable speed drive required by electric motors.

Poultry and Swine Brooding

Whether you're running space heaters, radiant brooders or both, we've got your fuel needs covered. Want to lock-in your price for the heating season? Southern States offers you programs to do just that, contact us for more details.

As one of the top suppliers of propane gas in the country, Southern States is the local, smart, dependable source for all your propane needs. Unlike many suppliers who just deliver gas, we service the equipment that you rely on. That's part of the Southern States Full Service Advantage.

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Reliable, Convenient Financing for Fuel Used in Production Agriculture

FS Agri-Finance offers reliable, convenient financing that is pre-approved for when you need it.

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