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Safe, clean-burning propane gas is the convenient choice for your home or farm. Running your home on propane makes sense — both economically and environmentally. Propane gas is the premier energy source for heating and appliances such as water heaters, dryers, stoves and ranges.

There are many uses for propane aside from heating and powering appliances. Propane can be used in a variety of applications.


  • Home Heating
  • Cooking
  • Gas Dryers
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Logs
  • Outdoor Living; Pools, Grilling, Fireplaces


We offer reliable and worry-free automatic delivery. We use a computerized degree day forecasting system to track your energy consumption. We automatically schedule a delivery when our system indicates you need a fill. This is a convenient service that gives you the peace of mind of never having to check your tank in order to avoid running out of fuel.

Will Call

If you prefer to call us to schedule your fuel deliveries when you need them, a will call option is also available. You can gauge your own usage and tank level, and then call us to schedule a fill as needed.

Continuous Maintenance

Our maintenance packages keep your equipment running smoothly all year around. It’s like an insurance policy to keep you warm if something goes wrong even on the coldest night!

Keep your heating system operating at peak efficiency with Southern States heating services. From installation of new, high efficiency heating units to maintenance of your existing system, trained technicians provide expert, reliable service for worry-free warmth.

Southern States offers a full range of services to meet your needs:

  • Installation of high efficiency oil or propane gas furnaces or burners
  • Maintenance contract to assure your system is serviced and ready to go
  • Available 24-hour emergency service for heating units
  • Installation of propane gas water heaters, appliances, fireplace logs and room heaters
  • Installation and service of central air conditioning units
  • Training and certified technicians

Choosing the Right Propane Supplier

Choosing to switch to propane can reduce high energy costs and environmental impact, which is why it is such a popular and versatile choice as a cleaner burning fuel. Make your energy transition smooth and convenient by choosing the right propane supplier for your needs. Here are some things to consider.

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Bring Your Home Water Heating Up To Date

Lower your energy costs and have an endless supply of hot water. Select one of our tankless water heater packages and receive rebates, coupons, and warranty on products including parts and labor. Click here for more details

Benefits of going tankless:

  • Extended Equipment Life – compared to tank style models
  • Lower Energy Costs – reduce energy usage by up to 40% and cut CO2 emissions
  • Endless Hot Water – put an end to rationing showers, dishes, laundry and more
  • Increased Property Value – make your space more appealing to future buyers
  • Space Savings – create more usable space with a suitcase-sized wall unit
  • Total Confidence – get peace of mind with the unsurpassed reliability of our service.

Get Propane Services

"How can I use propane if I don’t currently have Propane powered appliances?”

There are many uses for propane aside from heating and powering appliances indoors. Most commonly, propane is used for outdoor grills, but you can also use it for outdoor kitchens, lighting, patio heaters, fire pits, and swimming pools. Please select Get Propane Service, to learn more about all the ways you can use propane outside your home.

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