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Moving Your Chicks Outside

If you’re raising chicks, you’re probably wondering when you can move them from the brooder box to their permanent home outside. Your local climate and availability of outdoor heating should influence your decision, but the most basic rule of thumb is that your chicks need to be fully feathered before you put them outside full time without supplemental heat.

Haymaking - How to Make Hay

Haymaking is so much more than just cutting and baling. Cutting at the right time can make a huge difference in the protein levels of the hay. Your equipment needs to be right for the job and you also need to monitor the moisture levels of the hay. Taking a strategic approach to your haymaking can save you time and money

Winter Farm Equipment Maintenance

Read our advice for keeping your farm equipment maintained through the winter. Save money in the long-run & keep your farming equipment running. First, keep your machinery paperwork straight.

Top Ten Things To Inspect On Your Equipment

Before the rush of fall hits, inspect your equipment early so it will be ready to go when you are.

Keep Chickens Well Watered in Summer

Planning for summer chicken care will ensure that your flock has sufficient water on very hot days. The poultry experts at Southern States have some helpful tips for keeping your chickens cool and hydrated during the heat of summer.

Preparing for Wheat Harvest

Preparing the bins used for grain storage is essential in keeping your wheat harvest safe from spoilage and pests.

Hay Testing and Soil Testing for Forage

The principle of testing is the same: know what you’ve got since looking at a bale of hay or an acre of ground doesn’t tell all.

Legumes for Fall Planting

Legumes for Fall Planting from our Cover Crop Guide

Brassicas & Grasses for Fall Planting

Learn which Cover Crops are ideal for planting in the fall.

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