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Moving Your Chicks Outside

If you’re raising chicks, you’re probably wondering when you can move them from the brooder box to their permanent home outside. Your local climate and availability of outdoor heating should influence your decision, but the most basic rule of thumb is that your chicks need to be fully feathered before you put them outside full time without supplemental heat.

Equipment For Your Small Farm Row Cropping

Starting a small farm for row cropping? Many folks are “homesteading” in order to save money & eat healthier products. To get started, read our tips & advice for selecting the right equipment for your small farm.

Preventing Farm Work Injuries

Longer daytime hours signal the start of the growing season and an increase in physical activity for farm workers. But overdo physical exertion and your back may suffer, leading to lost productivity.

Best Practices for Environmental Safety

Best management practices are methods designed to increase crop yield and minimize any negative environmental impact on the land. By employing a few simple practices, a farmer can have a successful harvest and promote good land stewardship as well.

Farm Telematics

With the growing number of truck and vehicle fleets being maintained on today’s large farms, farmers face increasing work in keeping track of every worker and machine. While that evolution opens up new risk exposures, safety is just one of the value propositions that makes telematics a worthwhile addition to any large farm operation.

5 Great Pig Farming Tips

Whether you’re bringing up a swine herd or just a couple of hogs, follow these five techniques to keep your pigs happy on the farm. N.C. State University Swine Nutritionist Eric van Heugten says that different life stages require different nutrients. “The greatest bang for your buck would be to go to at least two diets: One for young pigs and lactating sows, and one for older pigs and gestating sows.”

Lower Your Feedcost By Improving Your Forage Quality

For most cow-calf operations, forage is the primary source of nutrition. Therefore, it is important to provide cattle with the best quality forage available. By paying close attention to the quality of forages, you can ensure healthy, productive animals and minimize the cost of purchasing supplemental feedstuff.

Fall-Applied Herbicides

Fall-applied herbicides are a valuable tool to manage tough-to-control weeds like marestail. Fall herbicides may allow for an earlier start the following spring. Winter annual weeds like henbit and purple deadnettle can be hosts for pests and pathogens. The use of residual herbicides in early fall will help mitigate weed emergence late in the season

Nationwide: Preparing for Drought

It lacks the immediate impact of natural disasters like wildfires and severe storms. But drought can be just as damaging to the landscape and the agricultural families who rely on it for their livelihoods. And right now, much of the U.S. is in its grip. Safeguard your farm or agribusiness from immediate and long-term drought damage by creating an effective drought plan.

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