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Farm Contingency Planning

Contingency planning is an important part of farm or ranch management. A contingency plan determines how a farm will respond to a crisis or disaster and how quickly it will be able to resume normal operations. Key decision makers can jump into action without having to come up with a plan in the middle of a crisis. If something tragic happens, are you prepared?

Insuring Your Farm and Home to Value

With today’s rising prices, being under-insured can create a serious financial shortfall when disaster strikes. If your property is inaccurately valued, you may not have enough coverage to fully replace your lost property, damaged equipment, supplies or inventory.

Diversifying your operation in the wake of COVID-19

When times are tight in agriculture, successful farmers and ranchers find a way to sustain revenue, even if it means trying something completely new. That drive, combined with the spike in demand for farm-direct meat, produce and other ag products spawned by COVID-19, has many growers exploring new on-farm ventures to sustain revenue.

Electric Fencing Tips

Whether you are a new hobby farmer looking to raise a few head of cattle or an experienced livestock farmer thinking about replacing your rusty barbed wire fence, electric fencing may work for you. Before you decide, here are ten things you need to know about electric fencing.

Farm Telematics

With the growing number of truck and vehicle fleets being maintained on today’s large farms, farmers face increasing work in keeping track of every worker and machine. While that evolution opens up new risk exposures, safety is just one of the value propositions that makes telematics a worthwhile addition to any large farm operation.

COVID-19 and farmer liability concerns

The COVID-19 pandemic poses major agricultural workforce management challenges. Overcoming them takes the right mix of administrative and engineering controls.

Gifting Large Farm Assets

Farm transition planning isn't something many farm families want to discuss. The process that creates a blueprint for a farm's future is often an emotionally charged issue, especially when family farmers face the challenges of relinquishing control to the next generation.

Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) safety tips from Nationwide

When you hook up an anhydrous ammonia (NH3) tank to head to the field, you're preparing to provide your corn crop a cost-efficient source of nitrogen. You're also taking responsibility for a potentially dangerous chemical that can be deadly if not handled responsibly.

Nationwide Farm Certified agent: A trusted advisor for your farm operation

The growing sophistication of today’s farmers and ranchers calls for a strong understanding of the challenges and risks inherent to 21stcentury agriculture. When you see an agent is On YourSide®Nationwide Farm Certified, you can rest assured he or she is a trusted advisor with the training and experience necessary to help you overcome those challenges now and well into the future.

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