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Rural Road Safety During Harvest Season

Because farm vehicles travel more often on public roads during the harvest season, there are serious safety concerns about farm vehicles and equipment sharing the road with other drivers.

Tractor Safety Guidelines

Studies show tractors are involved in a high proportion of farm injuries and fatalities, causing productivity losses, serious injury and loss of life. Fortunately, you can prevent most accidents by staying vigilant and following a few basic tractor safety guidelines.

Applying the Science of Ergonomics to Farm Work

Only recently has the science of ergonomics been applied to farm work to help reduce the number of injuries that cost commercial agriculture millions of dollars each year in health care expenses, lost wages and lowered productivity.

Fall Home Prep Checklist

Fall is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to prepare your home for the cold months ahead before the winter weather arrives. Tackle those to-dos that pile up throughout the year by making a Fall Home Prep Checklist to keep you on track.

Nationwide: Ready for Emergencies

Successful growers realize the importance of being prepared in the event of a disaster, whether a natural disaster such as a tornado or other type of hazardous situation. Southern States® and Nationwide® Agribusiness Insurance have compiled some tips to help in your emergency action plan from their many years of experience in handling disaster situations.

Best Practices for Environmental Safety

Best management practices are methods designed to increase crop yield and minimize any negative environmental impact on the land. By employing a few simple practices, a farmer can have a successful harvest and promote good land stewardship as well.

Returning your farm business to normal during the pandemic

Businesses, schools and other institutions around the U.S. and world were faced with shutdowns as everyone scrambled to stay ahead of the COVID-19 virus. Though many farm operations and other agribusinesses have remained at least partially operational throughout the pandemic, there is a strong desire to return to normal operations.

COVID-19 and farmer liability concerns

The COVID-19 pandemic poses major agricultural workforce management challenges. Overcoming them takes the right mix of administrative and engineering controls.

Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) safety tips from Nationwide

When you hook up an anhydrous ammonia (NH3) tank to head to the field, you're preparing to provide your corn crop a cost-efficient source of nitrogen. You're also taking responsibility for a potentially dangerous chemical that can be deadly if not handled responsibly.

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