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Planting Your Garden to Attract Bees

Bees are responsible for pollinating hundreds of agricultural crops and flowering plant species worldwide. In the United States alone, bees pollinate about 150 different crops. The gardening experts at Southern States recommend that your garden planning this year include bee friendly plants.

Gardening with Children

Children can learn many things in a garden. Working with plants and the soil teaches them about nature, the life cycle and the importance of nurturing. This year, set aside space in the family garden for your kids to try their hand at it. No matter what their ages, gardening can be educational and fun.

Butterfly Gardening

Adding the beauty and color of butterflies to a landscape can be an enjoyable and educational experience. A successful butterfly garden is one that contains all the components that butterflies need for food, shelter and breeding, while providing all the beauty and design that appeal to the gardener.

Planting a Cut Flower Garden

Have you always wanted to have fresh, cut flowers for arrangements but didn't want to cut the blooms from your beautiful flower garden? Just start your very own cutting garden and have fresh flowers all spring and summer long. Learning how to grow a cut flower garden can be easy. The gardening experts at Southern States can offer some great tips to help you get started.

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