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Where To Hang Hummingbird Feeders

With their miniature size and unique ability to hover in mid-air, hummingbirds are fascinating to watch. Many people hang feeders to attract the tiny birds. While hummingbirds usually find backyard feeders without any trouble, some places in your yard are better to hang them than others.

Care and Maintenance of Hummingbird Feeders

Summary: Once feeding hummingbirds becomes part of your backyard routine, it’s necessary to keep the feeders clean. Consider how difficult cleaning the various styles will be when choosing feeders for your yard. Clean feeders attract hummingbirds and ensure the sugar-water mix doesn’t grow mold and bacteria that could hurt them.

5 Ornament Crafts that are for the Birds

You can help feed the birds in your neighborhood – it's not expensive and it can be a lot of fun. The bird experts at Southern States have five fun ornament crafts for the bird lovers in your family!

Teaching Kids About Wild Birds

Birdwatching is great for children because it provides opportunities to be outdoors and instills an appreciation for science and nature that can last a lifetime. It is a hobby that all members of the family can enjoy. You can foster a love for wild birds by teaching your children about the types of birds that visit your backyard feeder.

Choosing a Bird Feeder

Bird feeding can help benefit the local bird population and provide hours of enjoyment for homeowners. The first step in making your backyard a paradise for hungry birds is choosing the best type of feeder for you.

Wild Bird Feeder Record Keeping

Do you have a bird feeder in your yard? Birdwatching is a great activity for family members of all ages. Make birdwatching a family event at your house and keep a wild bird journal to record all the different types of birds that visit your backyard feeder.

Safe Feeding Options For Wild Birds

Feeding birds in the fall and winter months can be a great benefit to migrating birds as food supplies run low in winter weather. Keeping the birds safe from cats and other predators and helping them to avoid hitting your windows become higher priorities when there is less leaf cover. Making sure they have access to unfrozen water does too. Check out these tips for wintertime feeder placement, window collision avoidance and feed recommendations.

Types of Bird Seeds - Attracting Wild Birds

If you've decided to start feeding birds at home, one of the first questions you may be asking is: “What should I feed them?”. The wide array of seeds, birdseed mixes and other choices can be bewildering. This article provides an overview of the many common feed types and what birds they attract. It's a good review for both beginning and veteran bird feeding enthusiasts.

Best Locations for a Bird Feeder

Finding the best spots for your bird feeders requires more consideration than you might think. This article includes recommendations on placement height, avoiding predators and other threats, preventing window collisions and how location can help limit squirrel feeding. Locate your feeders properly, and you'll have birds flocking to your backyard in no time.

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