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Attracting Wild Turkeys

Wild turkeys, notoriously picky about their living conditions, require a more specialized environment than many other types of wildlife. You can, however, manage your land to attract and retain wild turkeys by knowing something about their preferred foods and habitat.

Attracting White-Tail Deer

Managing your land to attract quality white tail deer can prove well worth the time, whether your goals are for wildlife viewing or herd management for deer hunting.

Creating a Habitat for Wildlife Watching

Managing your backyard, forests or fields to increase wildlife populations has numerous benefits beyond the simple pleasures of interacting with nature. This article has tips and techniques to help you improve the wildlife habitat on your land and attract species such as songbirds, squirrels, owls—perhaps even a fox or two. With some basic management techniques, and a little patience, you'll soon be seeing the benefits of increased wildlife populations on your land.

Preparing for Your Next Hunting Trip

Hunting is more than simply spending time in the woods. Proper planning can make the difference between a successful trip or a futile hunting expedition. Here are ten things to consider before taking your next hunting trip.

5 Ornament Crafts that are for the Birds

You can help feed the birds in your neighborhood – it's not expensive and it can be a lot of fun. The bird experts at Southern States have five fun ornament crafts for the bird lovers in your family!

Raising Goats In The Backyard

Much like chickens, goats are becoming increasingly popular to have as backyard livestock. Due to their smaller size and not needing a full farm to live on, more people in urban and suburban areas are choosing to raise goats as part of their hobby farm. Before preparations are started, check with your zoning laws and weight limitations on backyard livestock. Another important thing to remember is goats are herd animals, so you are going to want at least two. Raising goats in your backyard can be simple and straightforward if you follow these simple steps.

How to Plant and Manage A Woodlot

Forest areas offer opportunities for recreation, attracting wildlife, providing firewood and harvesting timber. With careful planning, you can successfully establish and maintain a forest or woodlot that will meet many or all of your goals.

How Birds Act As Pollinators

When we think of pollinators and attracting pollinators to our yard, we often think of bees and other insects, but birds are one of the most important pollinators on our planet. In North America, hummingbirds are one very important species of bird pollinators, but globally there are more than 2,000 bird species that help more than 300 families of flowering plants reproduce.

Starting Your Bird-Watching Hobby

If you step outside and gaze into the beautiful morning sky and the first thing on your mind is where the little birds are flying, you might be the perfect candidate to become a bird-watching enthusiast! Here you’ll find a list of some of the things you’ll need to get started on your bird-watching journey!

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