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Good Etiquette for Horse Shows

As a parent or supporter of a rider, you only want what's best for your child. After a great deal of practice and preparation, your rider is ready to show his or her skills in the competition arena. And there are things you can do to help. By following a few etiquette suggestions, you can make sure

Tips For Hauling Your Horse

Whether it be taking our horses on trail rides or to competitive shows, you will want to make sure that the ride is just as safe and enjoyable as the destination. Towing can put extra stress not only on your conditioned vehicle, but also on your horse’s body and mind. In order to be a responsible d

Introducing the Saddle: Horse Training Tips

Saddling a young horse for the first time can be intimidating and dangerous. Follow these Ten Tips to make the process easier and safer for both you and your horse.

Trail Riding - The Code Of The Trail

Riding the trails on your horse is like taking a trip back into Americana. Though the phrase trail riding may evoke past memories of galloping through the woods, jumping over logs and wading through rushing rivers, these days it's a bit more tame. Any true horse owner knows that enjoying trails on horseback means being an ambassador for the equine community.

Teach Your Horse To Load Into A Trailer

Some horses load into their trailer easily by one of several common methods. If yours is the exception, you may learn a thing or two about loading in this article.

Choosing the Right Horse Trainer

The right horse trainer can make a world of difference in helping you to achieve your equestrian dreams. The best way to start your search for a trainer is to ask around. Ask your friends what their experiences are with trainers you are interested in; contact local horse associations for a listing of trainers; or even pose the question at your local tack shop. Getting recommendations from others is even more important if you are looking at switching disciplines.

7 Tips to Prepare For Your Next Horse Show

Horse shows are a chance to showcase all the hard work you and your horse have put in at home. So after hours of training and practice, what else can you do to make sure the show will be as enjoyable an experience as possible? Here are some suggestions that may help you before you ever step foot in the show ring.

Showing Halter Horses

Halter horse competitions allow you to showcase your skill at grooming, training and conditioning your halter horse. AQHA judge and Professional Horse Services founder Mike Jennings shares his tips for showing halter horses successfully.

Feeding the Best Horse Treats

Many of us feed our horses and ponies treats as a reward when training or just because we love them – who doesn’t love their horse? Treats that are similar to a horse's natural foods are healthiest, but a very small amount of many food items horses or humans eat is safe to feed as a treat. Remember that there is a safe way to feed treats, so be sure your horse is respectful and doesn't get pushy or nippy.

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