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Nutrition Fuels Goat Performance

Proper nutrition from Southern States will help you get more out of your herd. While most cattlemen spend a great deal of time and effort on herd nutrition, the same claim can’t be made for goat producers.

Raising Goats

Interested in trying your hand at raising small livestock? Requiring less land than their bovine counterparts, goats are a great option for the aspiring livestock owner. Rob French of S&R Meat Goats in Cumberland, VA shares his top ten things you need to know before raising goats.

Female Sheep & Goat Care

Feed represents the single largest cost in all types of sheep and goat production. This is because nutrition exerts a very large influence on flock reproduction, milk production, and lamb and kid growth. The nutritional needs for ewes and nannies are not static. Late gestation and lactation, for example, are the most critical periods, with lactation placing the highest nutritional demands on nannies and ewes. For these reasons and more, this article will emphasize the feed and supplement requirements of ewes and nannies.

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