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Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

Winter weather brings sharp winds and frigid temperatures that can be uncomfortable or even harmful to cats and dogs. Help protect your pet during the cold season with a few simple tips, and consider products like heated dog beds or water bowls to provide extra protection and comfort.

Winter Pet Care

When winter chills strike we can put on a sweater, crank up the heating, or put another log on the fire. Your pets grow a winter coat but it is not always enough.

Feeding Working Dogs

Working dogs, also known as herd dogs, help farmers and ranchers perform a wide variety of tasks all around the farm. From driving cattle to keeping sheep in the right grazing area, they prove their dedication and worth daily. That is why it is so important to care for working dogs by feeding them dog food that will provide the energy required for their long, hard work days.

Why Dogs Love To Go For Walks

Read our dog-walking tips, leash & collar recommendations, and advice to help make walking your dog a pleasant experience for you and your furry friend.

Preventing heartworms in dogs

Parasitic heartworms can cause serious illness in infected dogs, and the disease can even be deadly. As rescue treatments can be harsh, prevention is the best way to avoid heartworm-related problems. Preventive treatments are widely available. Use them and avoid the risk of this dangerous disease.

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