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Caring for Holiday Houseplants

Holiday Houseplant Series
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Plants make great gifts at holiday times, and traditional plants associated with the holidays only add to the decor and good cheer. If you've recently received one as a gift or perhaps bought one for yourself and your family to enjoy, you're probably wondering how to take care of it properly. To help you keep your new plant healthy, happy and beautiful, Southern States presents our Holiday Houseplants Article Series:

Holiday Amaryllis

A bright red holiday Amaryllis

Amaryllis blooms brighten dreary winter days with an array of cheerful and bold colors. The flowers are popular during the holidays not only as gifts, but also as a stunning live floral decoration. Enjoy your amaryllis as long as possible during the holidays by keeping the container out of direct sunlight that could wilt the flowers quickly. Keeping it in as cool a place as possible indoors, around 60 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal and also extends the bloom time. Once the initial flowers fade, don't throw the flower pot out with the wrapping paper. Amaryllis can re-bloom for many years with care and attention.

Starting Amaryllis bulbs in containers

Amaryllis in a containerAmaryllis thrive in containers, love sunshine and are easy to care for. After planting, the bulbs can produce their showy blooms about six weeks later if properly moved through the stages of dormancy and growth. Good quality amaryllis bulbs may produce single or multiple flowers on a single stalk. The larger the bulb, the larger the flower. Large bulbs may produce up to three flower stalks. It’s possible some bulbs could bloom in the summer as well as the winter, depending on the temperature and other growing conditions.

Christmas Cactus care

a pink-blooming Christmas cactus

These jungle succulents from South America have become a traditional holiday favorite, though not all bloom at Christmastime. Learn what these beauties like and don't like, so you can keep yours blooming for years to come.

Cyclamen care

Caring for your cyclamenNative to parts of Europe, North Africa and western Asia. These tuberous plants have the notable distinction of having species which flower in every month of the year. There are hardy, outdoor varieties and also the ones enjoyed indoors during the winter holidays.

Caring for Norfolk Island Pines

Norfolk Island Pine

Their soft needles, distinctive flat branches and naturally symmetrical shape make Norfolk Island pines a popular and attractive choice for indoor Christmas trees. The small and medium size varieties are often used as accent trees during the holidays. When January arrives and the ornaments are packed away, Norfolk Island pines are beautiful indoor trees that are easy to maintain.

Poinsettia care

a bright red PoinsettiaNative to tropical Mexico. The US Ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Joel Roberts-Poinsett, brought the first poinsettia flower to the United States in 1928. Many believe or have heard that poinsettias are poisonous when eaten, but studies conducted at Ohio State University in cooperation with the Society of American Florists have concluded that no toxicity was likely to occur in a home environment.

Creating and Maintaining Rosemary Topiaries

Rosemary topiaries are a beautiful, and edible, addition to holiday decor.The pungent and aromatic rosemary has long been used in recipes and natural remedies. More recently, the perennial herb with pale blue flowers has become a favorite as a home accessory. Because rosemary is so easy to grow, gardeners train the plant into topiaries. Deliberate trimming methods turn the plant into spheres, cones and hearts. This time of year, decorative and aromatic rosemary topiaries add a natural accent to holiday décor.

We hope you've enjoyed our Holiday Houseplants Article series. If you didn't see an article on the type of holiday houseplant you have, please let us know in the comments section below. We strive to provide as complete and accurate information as possible, and appreciate your feedback.

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