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Choosing The Best Lawn Fertilizer

Nice grassYour lawn requires three major nutrients to thrive, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium plus, for turf grasses, between three quarters and one inch of water per week to maintain your lawn’s green color and to promote healthy growth.

To keep your lawn in tip top condition apply a balanced application of a good lawn fertilizer four times a year in spring, summer, early fall, and just after the first frost. If you are in doubt as to whether your lawn needs fertilizer and how much, obtaining a soil test is a good idea. You can get a soil testing kit at your local Southern States store.

Sometimes your lawn and recently sown grass seed may need extra help to overcome some lawn conditions; Southern States has fertilizer to suit your every lawn care need.

When To Consider Fertilizing Your Lawn

Broad leaf weeds, a fertilizer containing a broadleaf weed control applied between March to May and September to October. The later application will help your lawn get off to a good start next spring.

Brown patches or spots on your lawn may be a sign that your lawn has an infestation of insect larvae, while grass that breaks off easily at the bottom of the leaf could be a sign of worms, such as armyworms or cut worms. Examine your lawn for the culprits, seek lawn care advice from your local Southern States professional and check out our lawn repair products and article on lawn repair.

Brown looking streaks, in your lawn may be a sign of a fungal lawn disease, such as dollar spot. Identify the problem and apply an appropriate product. If you're not quite sure what the disease is, take a photo and bring it into a Southern States store. We'll be glad to help you identify it.

Consistent lawn yellowing may be because of nutrient loss, or if you are already feeding your lawn, the soil pH may not be right for your grass. Get your soil tested at one of our local stores, or order a soil testing kit online. Based on the results you will know how to correct your soil's pH for your grass using lime or sulfur.

Consistent lawn browning may be because you have different grass species or some of the many variations of lawn weeds. Examine your lawn for weeds and seek lawn care advice from your local Southern States professional.

Crab grass, you need to act quickly before crab grass is well established. One springtime application of a crab grass inhibiting product, like Southern States Crabgrass Control with Dimension 0-0-7, should last all season long.

Lawn streaks may be because of poor mowing or inconsistent feeding. Mowing your grass properly is important and, if you are using a fertilizer spreader, ensure that its calibration is correct for the product.

For the best results for your lawn always read the labels of products and follow the instructions. Give us a call or come on in to your local Southern States to talk to a lawn expert and get advice for growing green grass in your yard this year.

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