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Feeding Hunting Dogs

A hunting dog chases a birdHunting dogs, whether hunting in the woods or performing at field trials, must be in tip-top shape. All the hours invested in training can be diminished if the dog is not fed the proper diet. We have some great tips for feeding hunting dogs to obtain optimum performance.

According to hunting experts, there are three components that will determine how well a dog will perform in the field - training, conditioning, and diet. Feeding performance dog food to your hardworking dogs year-round can help maximize training and conditioning. 

Understanding what to feed hunting dogs can significantly impact how well the dog performs. Top quality dog food can actually improve a dog’s endurance. The essential need of hunting dogs is long-term energy and performance dog food supplies maximum energy through a nutritious, wholesome food regimen.

A great choice for your hunting dogs is Southern States Complete Sport Dog Food. Containing 24% protein and 20% fat, this quality food is designed to handle the rigorous outdoor activities of working, hunting and sporting dogs. The high levels of protein and fat help to increase dogs’ capacity to metabolize fat and give them the energy necessary to work hard for longer periods of time.

The next step up is the Southern States Advanced Sport Dog Food, which is another great performance dog food. The animal experts at Southern States have created this first-class daily formula for adult dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Built to meet the extreme nutrient and energy requirements of highly active sporting dogs. Use this formula to maintain ideal muscle mass and stamina, while ensuring that your dog has the energy it needs to perform, work and compete at peak levels.

Advanced formulas are:

  • made with wholesome chicken and protein and rice for easier digestibility and results in less stool for easier clean up
  • fortified with additional omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids for maintaining a health skin and coat
  • formulated to improve our dogs well-being by providing balanced amino acid profile and adding beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and yeast cultures and chelated minerals

A hunting dog and it's ownerKnowing when to feed your hunting dogs is as important as knowing what to feed them. This may be surprising, but experts recommend that you do not feed your dogs in the morning. Feed your hardworking dogs once a day. Since healthy, adult dogs rely more on fat metabolism for performance, feeding an amount once daily in proportion to the dog's size and activity level is considered optimal. For maximum benefit, feed your dogs after they have cooled down from the day's strenuous activities. This gives them ample time to digest their meal while resting and recovering from the day. In addition to the proper food, always remember to give your dogs plenty of water. While in the field, offer small drinks at frequent intervals. Don't feed your dogs sugary snacks unless prescribed by your veterinarian.

At Southern States, we understand hard work. Whether on the farm or in the hunting field, trust Southern States to have what you need to get the job done. You will find Southern States Complete Sport Dog Food and Southern States Advanced Sport Dog Food in your local Southern States store.

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