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Gas Grilling Tips

Grilling With Gas

Kabobs and corn on the gas grillThere's nothing better than grilling out on a warm, sunny day. You smell the cooking flavors coming off the grill and just enjoy time spent with family & friends. It's an American tradition - and when the weather warms up, it's time to dust off the old grill, break out your favorite marinades and get grilling!

While there are several options on how you grill your food, this article focuses on propane grilling. Below, we offer propane grilling tips and grill care advice for this season so that you can focus on cooking great food & enjoying the outdoors!

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Gas Grill Care:

  • To help prevent internal parts from corroding, do a periodic cleaning. Instructions should be in the user manual that came with the grill.
  • Extended exposure to sunlight, acid rain, and coastal "salty air" can cause rusting and corrosion of the exterior of your grill. When your grill is not in use, a waterproof cover will help maintain the exterior appearance.
  • A yellow flame may mean that spider webs or insect nests are present in the venturi, or that food residue is on the burner. Check the alignment of the venturi and make sure they are clean. If the burner is dirty, clean it when cool.
  • Uneven heat distribution is often caused by misalignment of the burner venturi, or plugged or corroded burner parts. Check the positioning of the venturi, and either clean or replace the burner.

Grilling And Food Preparation - Safety Tips:

  • There's a simple test to check and see if there are leaks in a gas grill. Make sure the control knobs are turned to the off position, then open the tank valve. Apply soapy water solution to the tank area, the hose, the valves, etc. If an area is "bubbling" after the solution is applied, a leak is present and the part should be replaced.
  • Don't leave a propane cylinder in a car for long periods -- especially in direct sunlight or a high heat area like a closed trunk. This could cause the relief valve to vent gas.
  • To manage flare-ups…drain off excess marinade before putting food on grill; trim excess fat on meat; use tongs rather then a fork for turning and handling meats to avoid piercing meats and losing natural juices.
  • Never place cooked meat back on the plate used to carry the raw meat outside. Use a clean plate instead!
  • Be sure to wash hands with soapy water thoroughly before and after handling raw meat, poultry, and seafood. Make sure that raw meat, seafood and poultry are kept separate from other foods. Thoroughly clean any cutting boards used in preparation.
  • Marinade that has been used on raw meats or poultry should not be used on the cooked item.

Grill Cooking Advice:

  • When using barbecue or other basting/cooking sauces, grill without the sauce until the meat or poultry is at least halfway cooked, then baste with the sauce. This prevents the sauce from burning or over-browning the meat.
  • Try cooking side dishes and vegetables in foil on the grill while cooking the main course. Some ideas: wrap potatoes or garlic bread in foil, create a foil tray to cook mushrooms in butter or soy sauce, or use a foil packet to steam mixed vegetables.
  • Always marinate meats, seafood and chicken in the refrigerator, using a glass or non-metallic bowl, or a zip-lock plastic bag.
  • Coating cool grids before cooking with vegetable cooking spray (or brushing with cooking oil) will help prevent food from sticking. Using a stiff wire brush to clean the grid (after cooling the grill) will help loosen residue.
  • Aromatic wood chips add flavor to meats, poultry and fish. A smoke box is a handy accessory for using wood chips with a gas grill. For items that grill quickly like fish, use dry wood chips. For items like chicken and ribs that take longer to grill, use a mixture of water-soaked and dry chips.
  • Try hickory or mesquite chips for a strong, sweet flavor with beef, pork, poultry and fish. Alder chips add a medium, tart flavor to pork, poultry, and fish, and are the desired chip for using with salmon. Apple chips can be used for a light sweet flavor - use with lamb, pork, poultry and fish. For a light, fruity flavor, try cherry chips. Oak chips will add a stronger flavor that is neither sweet nor tart, and pecan chips will add a rich, sweet flavor.
  • Try boiling ribs before placing them on the grill…this will result in moist, fully cooked ribs. Chicken can be partially cooked in the microwave oven before grilling. Always grill partially cooked foods immediately, and handle with the same care used in handling raw meats.
  • Never leave your grill unattended while it is in use!

If you're interested in finding more information on gas grilling for summer, need to pick up a propane cylinder or want to get a new gas grill, use our Store Locator tool to find your nearest Southern States store!

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