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Home Remedies For Equine Fly Control

Manure management is key to reducing fly populations.Are you ready to win the war against flies in your barn and pasture areas? There are a wide variety of fly control products available to help you battle against these pesky insects as the warmer months arrive. However, if you implement sound stable management practices you can win the war against flies 365 days a year. By focusing on stable management, you can make it more difficult for flies to thrive on your horses and property.

Manure Management

The first line of defense in fighting flies is a manure management plan. Horses generate large amounts of manure that quickly accumulate on your property. Did you know about 12 tons of soiled bedding and manure will be removed from a horse's stall each year? That's a lot of potential breeding space for flies!

While insecticides can provide a temporary reduction of your fly population, a successful fly control program relies on timely elimination of breeding sites and moisture control. The following are some manure management tips:

  • Muck stalls on a daily basis at minimum.
  • Make sure stalls have good drainage to allow for complete manure removal.
  • Place manure piles as far away from the barn as possible.
  • Pastures should be picked or drug with a chain harrow on a regular basis.

Importance of Cleanliness

Now that you have thought about a manure management plan, it's time to focus on overall barn cleanliness. When it comes to fly control management, cleanliness and sanitation is another key to success.

Fly breeding sites aren't just found in the horse's manure piles and dirty shavings. The major fly breeding areas in barns can be found around spilled feed, open feed bins, wet areas around animal waterers, dirty water or feed buckets, open trash cans, stagnant areas of water, and anywhere the ground has become moist.

Keep it clean by:

  • Cleaning your feed room on a daily basis.
  • Covering feed bins. Don't leave bags open, this helps reduce spillage and keeps flies out of the barn.
  • Eliminating stagnant pools of water by fixing drainage around your property.
  • Dumping and scrubbing feed and water buckets on a regular basis.
  • Keeping your trash in sealed garbage cans. If possible, keep them as far away from your barn as possible.

Additional Fly Control Methods

While good stable management techniques can help stop the fly life cycle, sometimes we need additional help to combat any adult flies that have entered our barn. Set traps to lure flies out of your barn, fly tapes also are an effective way to attract these pests. By reducing the light in your barn, you can also reduce the fly population in your barn. Flies are attracted to light, so if you turn off the lights at night they won't be as eager to camp out in your barn.

Looking for a more comprehensive approach to repelling flies? An insect control system can be a great compliment to a clean and fly-free barn. The system automatically delivers a fine mist of insecticide at pre-set intervals throughout your facility. You can design the system to meet the individualized needs and configuration of your barn to ensure that you have nozzles placed strategically over stalls, aisle ways or wherever you have an insect control problem.

The Bottom Line

By keeping a clean and tidy barn you can win the war against flies. Flies are not only annoying, but they can transmit disease to our trusty equines. Follow the tips above to create a better environment for horse and rider, with less flies buzzing about.

Many fly control products mentioned in this article are available at your local Southern States® location.

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