Getting Everything in Pecking Order

A Southern States Guide to Poultry

Feeding Baby Chicks

You can easily provide chicks with a healthy, balanced diet using pre-formulated, store-bought feed. Usually sold as “chick starter feed” or “chick starter mash,” these formulations provide all the chicks’ necessary nutrients from day one until their eighth week.

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How To Care For New Chicks

More and more people each year become interested in raising a small flock of chickens for a hobby or to help lower the family food bills. Get your backyard flock off to a good start with this step-by-step guide on what to do after you bring your new chicks home. This article covers details on preparing your chicks' brooder, tips on feeding and watering and advice on keeping your chicks healthy and disease free.

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How to Set Up Your Brooder for New Chicks

A good brooder provides your chicks a safe, clean home with plenty of airflow, warmth, food and water. You can purchase new brooder elements, or you can use items around your house to build a happy home for your new chicks.

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Check out our new video series on the most popular egg-laying breeds of chicken. Visit your local Southern States Cooperative to learn even more about egg laying breeds, and for poultry feed and supplies for your flock!

Rhode Island Reds

Easter Eggers

White Leghorns

Barred Rocks

Buff Orpingtons

Light Brahmas

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