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How To Make Your Own Catnip Toy

Cat hiding under blanketExercise is important to the long term health of your cat. For optimal health, your feline friend should exercise daily. This could be a challenge if you have an indoor cat, especially if your cat is older and not very active. Playing with your cat for just 10 to 15 minutes a day provides a great opportunity to exercise your pet and have some fun too.

Make Your Own Homemade Catnip Toy

Need a cat toy to play with? Catnip toys are very popular with cats of all ages. Did you know that you can make your own catnip toy for your pet? You will need just a few supplies. This project is so easy; no sewing required!

A baby's sock is the perfect size for this project and you can find some cute colors and patterns to use. You can buy dried catnip or you can grow your own catnip and dry it yourself. Just follow the simple directions below and in less than 10 minutes you can make this fun toy for your cat.

Supplies Needed:

Dried catnip
Baby socks - 1 pair
Small bell - optional
Spoon or funnel


Place the dried catnip inside one of the socks using a spoon or a funnel. Fill it halfway. Keeping the catnip tightly packed in the sock, tie the open end with yarn. Fold the excess edge of the sock back around the catnip end forming a small ball. Take the second sock and drop the bell inside. It's a good idea to place the bell inside the sock so there is no chance that your pet, or a small child, could swallow it.

Next, take the catnip sock and place it, tied end first, into the second sock. (Doubling the sock prevents the catnip from possibly coming out of the toy as the yarn loosens over time.) Tie the open end tightly with yarn or you could just knot the end. If using yarn, leave it long enough so that you can dangle it in front of your cat during playtime or hang it from a door knob. Since cats like to eat yarn, don't leave this toy out for unsupervised cat play.

These toys for your pet are easy to make and will provide you and your cat with hours of entertainment. Have fun with your feline friend!

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