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A summer lawnIf the hot summer weather is taking a toll on your lawn, the folks at your local Southern States retailer are there to help you.

Weeds and insects are your yard's worst nightmares during the summer months, but never fear. We have the products and expert advice you need to bring your lawn back to that "spring-fresh" appearance.

During the summer, Talstar provides control of insects, such as fleas, ticks and ants. However, each yard is different, and store personnel are always available to answer your questions and recommend the right products for your specific lawn challenges.

For regular maintenance proper watering is essential. You want to make sure you're watering enough without overdoing it.

When grass begins to wilt, water it thoroughly with 1 inch of water. This encourages roots to grow straight down and makes it less susceptible to disease and heat stress.

Coffee cans are a simple way to measure how much water your lawn is getting. Place an empty can where it can catch water from the sprinkler. Once it reaches 1 inch, note how long it took and use this as a time-line in the future.

Early morning is the best time to water while evaporation rates are low allowing the grass to dry completely. Watering in the evening doesn't allow enough time to dry and excess moisture makes the lawn susceptible to disease.

Proper mowing is important too. Cut the grass so that no more than one-third of the total grass height is removed at one time.

In the summer, keep a taller height to help shade the soil and reduce heat stress on the lawn. Less shade causes grass to develop a shallow root and become less drought-tolerant. Typically, Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue lawns should be kept at a height of 2 to 3 inches. Fescue lawns should be 4-6 inches tall.

Using a good lawn mower and keeping it well maintained is also important in lawn care. Make sure the mower blades are sharp to avoid ripping the grass. A white-hazed looking lawn may indicate dull mower blades.

If at summer's end you're still not pleased with your lawn's appearance, fall is the best time to upgrade by reseeding or over-seeding - or establishing a new lawn.

Southern States offers a variety of grass seeds perfect for fall planting. For a picture-perfect lawn, try the Southern States Premium Tall Fescue. It will produce a grass with a beautiful, dark green color and a fine leaf. It also creates a low vertical growth. Southern States Premium Shadescape Mixture is also a perfect choice. It is formulated for medium to heavily shaded areas, is drought-tolerant and low-maintenance.

Southern States Premium Tall Fescue and Southern States Premium Shadescape Mixture come with a double -your-money-back guarantee. If the grass doesn't properly grow after planting, we will reimburse your money times two.

Our experts offer recommendations for a variety of products to help keep your yard healthy and green. Contact your local Southern States retailer for the products and expertise to make lawn care easier.

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