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Lawn Weed Resource Guide

How To Prevent Lawn Weeds

Grass and dandelion weeds in a lawnThe best way to control lawn weeds is to never let them grow to begin with. That's easier said than done! A thick, healthy lawn is naturally resistant to weeds. Because weeds need sunlight to germinate, a thick lawn will actually prevent light from reaching the surface of the soil and weeds have a harder time growing. But once weeds have set in, it is important to tackle them promptly. If allowed to grow, they will quickly takeover and change the health and appearance of your lawn.

Steps For Weed Control

How do you go about ridding your lawn of unwanted weeds? Before starting any weed control program, you need to determine what types of weeds you have because each variety often requires different weed control products and application methods.

There are two types of weed products: weed preventer which are applied before the weeds sprout and weed killer which is applied when the weeds are actively growing. Of course, there are hybrids that kill and prevent weeds. Here is a look at some common lawn weeds and some lawn care tips to prevent or get rid of them:

Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds are usually easy to identify because they have wide leaf blades and don't look like grass. There are selective weed control methods that will kill and prevent broadleaf weeds without damaging your grass. Broadleaf herbicide products liquid and granular forms.

Grassy Weeds

Grassy weeds are more difficult to detect in your yard because they are similar in appearance and growth to regular lawn grasses. These are most often treated with a herbicide product.

Be sure that the type of weed-killer you choose is specific to the type of weed you are trying to eliminate. You can read more in our product descriptions or ask your local Southern States store.

There are also yard chemicals available that are designed to kill grassy weeds, but be careful because these will kill your lawn grass as well. You will need to use these sparingly and then you will need to re-seed that area with grass seed.

Weeds thrive in poor, undernourished soil. One of the best ways to minimize weeds is to simply take the time to maintain a healthy lawn.The first step is understanding what nutrients your lawn needs to grow grass.Southern States has teamed up with Virginia Tech to provide accurate soil samples for farmers & homeowners alike.  Come into your local Southern States store to get your lawn soil tested.

Final Thoughts For Lawn Weed Control

Over-seeding your lawn annually with Southern States grass seed and fertilizer will help to control weeds in your yard. With a little know-how and the right tools, you can tackle the lawn weeds in your yard.

Remember to always follow the label directions carefully when using any weed prevention or weed-killer products. If you have questions about lawn care and weed prevention, be sure to ask your local Southern States lawn specialist.

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