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March Garden Tips

garden trowelMarch is a great time to have your lawn & garden soil tested. Find out how to prepare a soil sample in our Lawn Care program. Your lawn and garden will also need a spring feeding. See your local Southern States dealer for spreaders and fertilizers. If you need a moss or garden weed killer, it can be applied at the same time as the fertilizer, just let your dealer know.

Preparing Your Garden's Soil

Preparing your vegetable garden now for the seeds and seedlings ahead will save you a lot of work when it comes time to plant. Peat moss, compost, and processed manure are all great sources of organic matter to add to the garden's soil as you turn it over or till.

Perennial vegetables such as rhubarb, artichokes and asparagus can be planted now where they won't be disturbed by the annuals coming later. Plant Peas, Sweet Peas and Onion Sets now.

Start Vegetable Seeds Early

applesIf you haven't already, start garden vegetable seeds now for strong seedlings after the last frost date. Southern States has everything you need, whether you're looking for vegetable seed or gardening supplies.

Make sure you keep up with emerging garden weeds in your beds before they have a chance to go to seed. Some weeds produce thousands of seeds per plant and can really become a problem if not removed early in the season. Most garden weeds can be removed easily by cultivation or pulling by hand. Use a garden-safe weed preventer or possibly a herbicide on the tougher ones, though you need to check with your local store to make sure it is safe for use in your garden.

Early Spring Garden Ideas

March is also a great time to plant a fruit garden, including trees, berries as well as roses. You should also prune the roses you already have. Check out our rose pruning guide for more details.

Late in the month when soil becomes workable, cold tolerant vegetables can be planted. These include

They should be set out about two weeks before the date of the last frost.

Complete any maintenance that may be necessary on lawnmowers and other pieces of power equipment. Sharpen and oil the blades on your hand tools.

Complete tree pruning before new growth begins.

Additional Gardening Resources

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