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Nutrition Fuels Goat Performance

Proper nutrition from Southern States will help you get more out of your herd.

goats outsideWhile most cattle farmers spend a great deal of time and effort on herd nutrition, the same claim can't be made for goat producers.

"We often see poor nutrition practices by goat producers, whether it be a commercial herd for milk or meat production or a small herd run by a rural landowner," notes Dr. Will Seymour manager of Ruminant Nutrition and Research for Southern States. "As a result, herds aren't achieving their potential, whether it's in terms or reproductive efficiency, milk output or carcass yield."

Like cattle, Seymour says, goats have specific nutrient requirements for peak performance. "Often these herds aren't fed a ration or mineral mix that contains the proper levels of trace elements for the animals' nutritional needs," he notes.

Southern States offers a complete line of feeds specially formulated for goats' needs.

Foremost among the needed minerals are copper, zinc and selenium. These, along with key fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and E, are keys to reproductive efficiency, meat output and herd health.

"Unless you're feeding a complete mineral or feed ration that has these nutrients at proper levels, you won't achieve herd productive potential," Seymour says.

Proper minerals and vitamins play key roles in allowing animals to express their genetic potential and optimize growth and body condition.

While a balanced nutritional program costs a little more, the extra investment reaps significant returns in flock performance. "A 10% reduction in meat or milk production or quality, or even a slight loss in the weaning numbers of a herd, more than offset the cost of minerals and vitamins," Seymour notes.

Southern States is also your one-stop source for herd vaccines and other animal-health supplies, as well as equipment such as feeders, fencing and gates. The goat equipment Southern States carries comes from Billy Goat Gruff, a division of Tarter Gate dedicated to goat-management products.

Goat Feeds from Southern States

Sweet Goat Textured - A 16% protein textured grain mix for lactating does and growing kids. Contains ammonium chloride; helps prevent urinary calculi problems.

17% Goat Feed - A pelleted grain mix for milk goats, bucks and growing kids. Contains ammonium chloride and is available in most areas with Deccox for coccidiosis control.

15% Meat Goat Ration - A pelleted ration formulated to develop high carcass quality in meat goats. Available in most areas with Rumensin or Deccox to control coccidiosis.

Top Choice Goat Mineral - Designed for free-choice feeding to all classes of goats. Complete mineral and vitamin fortification to balance forages. Contains added copper and zinc for good health.

Grow N Show Goat Feed (DEC) - A pelleted feed designed for preparing show goats. Optimize frame and muscle growth with added energy for bloom. Contains Deccox For the prevention of coccidiosis. No withdrawal required.

Doe's Match Milk Replacer – Specially formulated for goat kids to ensure maximum growth.

Goat Forage Supplement Tub – 125lb. tub that Supplements forage program to fill nutrient gaps.

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