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Simple Summer Lawn Care Tips

Keeping your lawn a lush and healthy oasis during the hot summer months is a breeze with regular maintenance and the help of Southern States products. Lawn-care maintenance involves three simple tasks: watering, mowing and fertilizing.

The Best Time To Water Your Lawn

The best time to water is in the morning because it gives the grass a chance to dry. Watering in the evening doesn't allow enough time for grass to dry, and the excess moisture can encourage diseases.

Cutting Grass

Regular mowing is absolutely necessary to maintain the health and appearance of your yard. It also discourages weeds and pests.

Cut grass often enough so that no more than one-third of the total grass height is removed at one time. In the summer, it's best to leave the grass with a little more height. A taller height helps shade the soil, which reduces water requirements and lessens heat stress on the grass. Typically, Turf Tall Fescue types should be kept at a height of 5 to 6 inches tall.


A wheelbarow on a summer lawnFertilizing your lawn is another key to maintaining the brilliant greens of a well-nourished lawn. The three major nutrients that are the key to green are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

All three nutrients are essential in lawn care because they

  • Enhance color
  • Promote quick roots and seeding
  • Improve winter hardiness
  • Reduce the risk of disease

All three nutrients can be found in Southern States' well-balanced fertilizers. Stop in to your local store or give us a call to figure out which lawn fertilizer will work best for your lawn and region.

Year-round maintenance will ensure a great lawn come summer. With a balanced blend of fertilization, weed control and insect control, keeping your yard healthy is a snap.

Lawn Food with Crabgrass Control

Lawn Food with Crabgrass Control will feed your lawn. Plus, prevents crabgrass all season long. It should be applied between the months of February and April. Lawn Food with Braodleaf Weed Control will provide nutrients plus a broadleaf weed control. This should be applied between March and May.

Get Customized Lawn Care Advice At Your Local Stores

Southern States products are specially formulated for a variety of grasses and lawns. Your local Southern States store will gladly help you select the right products to keep your lawn green.

Looking for more from your lawn care products? Southern States has a complete line of professional grade fertilizer and weed control products. Ask your lawn expert about our Carpetmaker Fertilizer products available exclusively from Southern States.

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