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Equine Feeds FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions about Equine Feeds available at Southern States

What brands of animal feeds are currently available at Southern States retail locations?
Southern States®, Legends®, ProElite® and Triple Crown® are the brands of animal feed available at Southern States company-owned locations. Availability may vary at our member cooperatives and independent dealers. Please contact your local store team to learn more about the specific brands and products your store has available.

Who manufactures Southern States and Legends branded feed?
Following the recent acquisition of the Southern States animal feed manufacturing business by Cargill Feed & Nutrition, Cargill now manufactures Southern States and Legends branded feeds. Cargill has tremendous respect for Southern States Cooperative’s animal feed business and the important portfolio of products and brands that are filling customer needs. Together, we believe it is important to have a smooth and seamless transition, and as a result will continue to provide a consistent offering to our customers.

Will Triple Crown feeds continue to be available at Southern States company-owned retail locations?
Triple Crown feeds have been available at Southern States locations since 1992. Following the sale of the Southern States feed manufacturing business, Southern States and Triple Crown have entered into a long-term agreement that allows Triple Crown feeds to be the premium feed in our retail locations well into the future. Triple Crown Nutrition is a privately-owned company and has been since 1989. Triple Crown partners with several feed manufacturing companies in the United States to manufacture Triple Crown Horse Feeds to their quality standards and specifications.

How does this manufacturing change impact me and my farm?
There are no immediate changes planned to the product offering available to Southern States customers. When it comes to ensuring quality feeds, Cargill Feed & Nutrition follows industry best practices and safety standards. Our customers should continue to purchase both bagged and bulk feed at their Southern States location, just as they have before.

What is ProElite®?
ProElite is a new ultra-premium line of horse feed recently introduced by Cargill Feed & Nutrition. These feeds will be available at participating Southern States retail locations as of October 2017. Learn more about ProElite horse feed.

How do the changes with feed manufacturing impact Southern States pet food?
These changes have no impact on Southern States branded pet food or the lines of pet food available at Southern States retail locations. Southern States branded pet foods are manufactured by Pro-Pet, LLC.

If you have further questions about Southern States retail locations or the animal feeds specifically, please contact the following:

Southern States Retail Locations:
Contact the Southern States Customer Care Team at 1-800-419-2690 or

Southern States and Legends Feeds:
Contact the Cargill Feed Hotline at 1-888-221-8987 or

ProElite Feeds:
Contact the ProElite Feed Hotline at 1-888-247-8066 or

Triple Crown Feeds:
Contact Triple Crown Nutrition at 1-800-451-9916 or

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