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Dairy Appreciation

Let's Thank Our Dairy Farmers

Our dairy farmers, and farmers everywhere, work from before dawn until dusk to ensure their cows and crops are taken care of and to ensure the highest quality products end up at our tables. Let's give special thanks to all of those who work in and support the dairy industry.

Enjoy our Dairy Appreciation video series below, as well as articles on project ideas for making homemade treats with the fresh milk from your dairy cows.

Have stories, recipes or dairy projects you would like to share? Visit our social media networks and share your experiences using the hashtag, #ThankAFarmer!

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  • A Day in the Life of a Dairy Farmer - Eastview Farm
  • Dairy Cattle Nutrition & Cow Comfort
  • Milk Production & Ensuring Quality Products
  • Educating the Community & the Next Generation
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