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Premium Dwarf Turf Type Tall Fescue Grass Seed

The Next Generation of Premium Lawn Seed

Be among the first in the world to grow our new fescue variety! It's a premium mixture of Dwarf Turf Type Tall Fescue varieties selected for their slow growth, shorter plant height and superior turf quality characteristics. These attributes will provide you with the best looking lawn in the neighborhood and save you time and money by allowing for less mowing, fewer clippings and less equipment wear.



Three Great Offers, for a Limited Time:

Benefits of the Next Generation...

  • A lawn sown exclusively with our new seed can cut your mowing in half!
  • The superior dark green color and fine leaf texture gives your lawn a better look and softer feel.
  • A high-tillering capability grows a denser turf that can fill in bare spots.
  • Superior tolerance of heat and drought as well as resistance to diseases such as brown patch, pythium and rust will help keep your lawn looking healthy.

...Plus the Benefits of our Premium Quality Seed

  • Industry leading Double Your Money Back guarantee.
  • 99% weed-free mix is UGS tested to ensure no undesirable grasses - surpasses industry standards.
  • ALL-VANTAGE® seed coating with AquaBond® & Nutri-Start®.


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